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Genocide - Too Long (1982)

Gary’s freshman effort: Too Long by his band Genocide was recorded in 1982 on Long Island New York. With only a shoestring budget and intense tenacity, Too Long became the pivotal foundation of Gary’s musical career. Blending his passion for heavy rock with a love for progressive music, Too Long displays an intricate palette of songs that was truly ahead of its time.

Track Listing

1. Outmate
2. Living Dead Co
3. I Wouldn't Touch Her With Yours
4. If this Is Really Love
5. Destiny Of Death
6. Slut Machine
7. For Fools
8. Recollection
9. Too Long
Genocide Vinyl


Often wrongly described as straight up metal, Utah-based GENOCIDE is actually a very interesting mix of melodic hard rock with a strong NWOBHM influence (early Judas Priest, and even Black Sabbath!) and quite a healthy dose of 70's progressive rock ala Deep Purple, Lucifer's Friend and Uriah Heep (complete with rockin' organs). Led by the very talented frontman/vocalist/guitarist extraordinaire GARY HENDRICKSON who has written some pretty off the wall, eccentric lyrics here too!! Originally released in 1982, this album has almost a cult status now amongst collectors of obscure hard rock. All songs have been digitally remastered. The musicianship is very impressive and the blend of different influences make for a fantastic listening roller coaster. Following Genocide, Gary Hendrickson would go on to release a solo album 5 years later under his last name which Retrospect is also proud to offer. Be sure to check out that release also!! Now get rockin'!!

Retrospect Records

LINEUP: Gary Hendrickson - vocals, guitars * Ritchie James - keyboards, organ * Bill Clark - bass * Rob Sutton - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Outmate * 02 Living Dead Co * 03 I Wouldn't Touch Her With Yours * 04 If This Is Really Love * 05 Destiny Of Death * 06 Slut Machine * 07 For Fools * 08 Recollection * 09 Too Long

It's hard just what to make of this early 80's outfit from Utah. Genocide, a name that conjures up thoughts of early 80's metal, be it early US metal or a style based off the prevailing NWOBHM metal scene. But if you take a closer look, you'll find a whole backline of keyboards filling out Genocide's sound, making this sound a lot closer to the likes of Alpha Centauri and Bluebeard.. err maybe.. Sure, the image might be metal, but strange things happen up in that far flung state of Utah, and it seemed for awhile that the Mormons weren't the only ones having some fun in the land of the great salt pan. The lead guy is singer and guitarist Gary Hendrickson, but you gotta give the man low scores for some incredibly silly lyrics, and after reading some of the track titles, you wonder if the guy has had some bad experiences with women? Well in Utah, anything's possible.. lol!

The Songs
Starting out with 'Outmate', Genocide combine heavy prog with a euro-metal style. Fast paced with a steady dose of organs, maybe early Lucifers Friend might be a good fit. Hendrickson's coarse guitar work is offset by Ritchie James keyboards throughout 'Living Dead Co', the two instruments co-existing effortlessly, though the overall sound is that of a guitar rocker. Lyrically, we're dealing with vampires here. Goodness gracious! The lyrics sound equally dodgy on 'I Wouldn't Touch Her With Yours', it's another guitar heavy rocker with keyboards being applied more as an after thought. NWOBHM followers will enjoy 'If This Is Really Love', again the guitar dominates, as it does on the 7 minute plod 'Destiny Of Death', with a nod or two to early Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Sure there are lots of keyboards, but this song has a doom element too, was Tony Iommi an influence perhaps? You gotta have a laugh at the inane silliness of 'Slut Machine', the beginning of the song you hear a coin being inserted into a slot machine (geddit?), with a seductress's voice in the background. Call it a victim of the 80's culture huh? For something completely different, 'For Fools' is a slow paced (sort of) ballad, with guitar and synth layers. Not very convincing I'm afraid. Hendrickson takes control on 'Recollection' with riffs flying off the handle. It chugs away with 70's abandon, the organ work of James not too far behind. The album ends with the title track 'Too Long'. It's a fast paced number which smacks of German styled hard rock with supporting keyboards.

In Summary
I come away with the impression that this is more geared toward guitar rock fans. Though there are keys, there are no significant solos, the instrument is more a supporting cast member, with the exception of the last track. As obscure as they come, nothing was seen from this band ever again, though Hendrickson did release a solo album in 1987 which according to reports is nothing in the style of Genocide. You should be able to find a copy out there on a Blogspot site near you.


GENOCIDE 'TOO LONG' 1982 PRIVATE PRESS LP Utah, 1982. Consistent production throughout, well executed hair metal/AOR/hard rock.

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Gary Hendrickson

Gary Hendrickson
Guitar, vocals

Ritchie James

Ritchie James
Organ, keyboards

Rob Sutton

Rob Sutton

Bill Clark

Bill Clark
Bass guitar

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