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Signs of Life (2014)

After a quarter of a century hiatus, Gary returns to music by releasing Signs of Life. Recorded at his studio in California in 2012-14, Gary returned to Tiki Studios in New York to mix and master the disc, for an October 2014 release date. All instruments and vocals were performed by Gary with the exception of The Hydra, sung by his daughter Amy, and an appearance on guitar in The X, by his nephew Jared. Embracing the state of the art technology available, all drums and percussion were produced by Gary at his studio: Hendricksonyx. Signs of Life is a musical cross-section describing Gary’s life for the last 25 years.

High Anxiety: is a track from the Hendrickson Era that describes Gary’s battle with panic/anxiety disorders, before doctors even knew what panic/anxiety disorders were.

Time Takes Time: revisits Gary’s death, and life, as a recovering alcoholic.

The X: Describes the pain and anger experienced by all of us when the glitter falls off a relationship, and it ends. Badly. The main bass riff was created by Chris Andrews, the solid bassist from Hendrickson.

Wishing You Were Here: The classic Chicago song from 1974, written by Peter Cetera. Gary always thought, “This would be a great metal song”.

Useful Idiot: This song describes in detail, Gary’s intense loathing of Socialism, Communism, and the extreme left, using the term attributed to Vladimir Lenin; a pejorative used to describe those perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

The Seven Rays: A song that Hendrickson has had trapped in his brain since July 18, 1975, when he saw Utopia in concert. Written by Todd Rundgren and bassist John Siegler, The Seven Rays is a progressive rock magnum opus that Gary attempted to recreate note for note, in tribute to this musical impetus.

The Hydra: Originally an acoustic song written by his daughter Amy Hendrickson. Gary loved this song and expressed his desire to record this song as a metal epic. Amy contributed vocals, and describes the Hydra backstory in the beginning moments of the song…”Maybe were all monsters?”

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Track Listing

1. High Anxiety
2. Time Takes Time
3. The X
4. Wishing You Were Here
5. Useful Idiot
6. The Seven Rays
7. The Hydra
Gary Hendrickson Signs of Life CD

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